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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> we are all the set of nash phil, the high-profile cases also taking center stage. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we are beginning with weather-related breaking news this is a live picture of new york city, dealing with snow. closer to home, a different situation, but still watching for the possibility of snow flurries in parts of our region. closer to home, we are hearing reports of sleet coming down. we are monitoring the situation and the problems that millions are facing in new york. we begin with senior meteorologist bob ryan. >> we have been on the edge of
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two major storms, sandy and now this nor'easter. this region all radar shows the snow in northern parts of new jersey. we have this little patch of leftover moisture coming through and it has enough in it, and the live doppler in the storm center, the temperatures even though they are in the low 40's, producing a little bit of light sleet but the main thing is the temperatures overnight tonight will stay above freezing. when you hit off to school and work most everything will be out of here. maybe eight lingering sprinkle or snowflake. 35 degrees above freezing, no winter weather advisories or anything. the good thing is after we get through early tomorrow morning sunshine coming back and big changes coming our way towards
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the weekend. i will tell you all of the details and some dramatic time lapses of the snowstorm in new york. >> we get to a reporter's and the field monitoring the weather. sleet has been coming down. >> autria godfrey is in alexandria with the latest from there. >> the meteorologist had been predicting the possibility of a flurry, and here we go, but fleet you see it. there is a little bit of rain and sleet coming down. the good news, once it hits the ground, it is melting. it is just coming down enough to make the roads damp, nothing to be too worried about, but it may be slick heading home tonight. we have been talking about the nor'easter that is hitting the new england area, which we are possibly going to get some partial remnants of. getting a little bit of this right now at arlington, wilson
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boulevard, the clarendon area. not too bad, but just enough that you hear it tapping as you are driving along. something for people to be aware of as they make their way home tonight. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> there is a ripple effect of the nor'easter. >> tom is on storm watch it, live in columbia with the northeast story. >> this is what we have been getting all night here in howard county. just a light rain, nothing frozen. as a result, interstate 95 is moving just fine at this hour. that said, if you had north, it is a much different story. for early november, it has been awful cold in annapolis tonight. >> it is freezing.
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>> some residents wanted to see frozen precipitation -- >> i was looking forward to snow. >> we only saw rain that left the roads wet. for snow, you had to head north. this was boston and this was the scene in new york city, where the storm was about the last thing local residents wanted to see. >> no words can express the stress, pain suffering. >> earlier in the day, residents of staten island got out before the new storm hit. hundreds of thousands are still without power from last week. the debris is everywhere in some areas. >> you try to save what is left and now it may get washed away. >> sadly, the nor'easter has knocked out power to thousands who have just got it back and created a mess for people wanting to fly. at reagan national, almost all the flights to new york were canceled and flights to other cities were affected, also.
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>> i'm hoping to get out of here at some point. >> in new york city, they have suspended train service, some roadways have been closed. a lot of people cannot believe they are going through yet another giant storm tonight. >> it is really difficult out there. abc 7 is your storm watch station. for instant updates as we move closer to winter, go to and also follow us on facebook and twitter. bob will have his complete out looking just a few minutes. >> the police in northeast washington found a body. that happened a short time ago in 1400 block of brentwood parkway. the circumstances of the body found in the car are not known yet. >> also, a murder investigation in p.g. county after a man shot and killed at about 7:00 on 23rd
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parkway in hillcrest heights. the man was found with a gunshot wound outside of an apartment building a ticket to the hospital, where he later died. critic taken to the hospital, where he later died. >> tonight all eyes are shifting to the challenges that the nation faces. one of those is the so-called fiscal cliff that could impact thousands. autria godfrey has more on what is in store. >> back in washington, back to reality, president obama returned to d.c. today with another four years, but still battling for bipartisanship as we careen toward the so-called fiscal clef. he is already demanding the two parties make peace. >> he won reelection with a middle-class economic strategy based on the middle class. it is incumbent then, the parties work together to avoid that fiscal issue and light a
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path for economic growth. >> that is easier said than done. president obama was hoping to kickstart compromise when he called a key congressional leaders including house speaker john boehner. >> what we can do is avert the cliff in a manner that serves as a downpayment on major solutions and actions in 2013 to begin to solve the problem. >> the problem is the massive military cuts and tax hikes that could hit the middle class come january if congress does not come up with a plan. poised to get hit the hardest the d.c. area, where 65,000 government contracting jobs are on the line. >> it will affect my job and business. >> autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> former congresswoman and gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly will confront the man who shot her. they will be in the court room
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when he is sentenced this thursday. as part of a plea deal, he will receive life in prison but will not face death row. she was shot in the head. six others were killed by last aired during the shooting back in january of last year. >> we have an alert that women and children need to see in fairfax county. >> find out how 17-year-old female was attacked -- fended off an attack at a bathroom and side of a library. >> behind-the-scenes of in-fill. -- behind the scenes of in-fill.
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how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> an alert and fairfax county after a teenager had a frightening ordeal. >> she was attacked in the bathroom of the thomas jefferson library in falls church.
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jay korff is live at the library with part of the story. >> really a disturbing encounter. this young woman said she thought that somebody was watching her and followed her as she was studying here at the library and falls church. when she left at about 9:00, she decided to duck into the bathroom. the man followed her. thomas jefferson library in falls church is a place of quiet refuge and it like mad, about the last place that you would expect violence to one fold. >> i have never seen anything that happen. at a 17-year-old female said she had felt a man had been watching and following her, so she ducked into the bathroom. the police say he followed, refused to leave, then touched and pushed the young woman. he fled after she kicked and screamed. >> that is really scary. i come to the library almost every day. >> this woman is troubled by the
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brazen nature of the attack. and it is really surprising. sometimes you see strange people, but the fact it went that far is scary. >> watching from my car sometimes, it gets kind of creepyight because the lights are really dark and it gets emptied. >> the authorities have provided a good description of the suspect, african-american male, approximately 5 foot 8 inches, 170 pounds with a distinctive facial features, including a shaven head, a diagonal scar across his forehead, and a gap in his front teeth. if this person seems familiar to you, please urge you to contact them. live in falls church, jay korff abc 7 news. >> a young man in our region stays out past his bedtime for the big election. >> they want the show to
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actually represent real people. >> first an exclusive look behind the scenes.
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>> many of you are following the sex, lies, and music of the new abc drama "nashville." >> it is about a young, up-and- coming star trying to establish herself as a musician. autria godfrey shows how a real life hotspot made it into the show. >> hollywood meets music city. >> a huge fan of country music. >> mixing business with pleasure as she converges with country's biggest stars. >> just the fact the people of nashville and our fans are accepting of the show and are encouraging means everything to us. that is what we wanted.
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>> she plays a hot new star julia barnes, taking the country seen by storm giving an old school legend a run for her money. it is a story line some know all too well. >> that part is really fun. >> her career was nurtured at the iconic bluebird cafe. >> i got my record deal in this room. i have had many moments here. i had my first date with my husband in this room. >> nearly 30 years, the bluebird has been the spot for aspiring songwriters to cut their teeth before cutting a track. >> we get a lot more people coming by, peaking in the windows when we are not open. >> when it came time to recreate the bluebird cafe no detail was too small. they took every table top, so they had to buy new ones for the actual cafe.
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when they created the wall of fame, they took every single photo, stand them, printed new ones to showcase the performers that have graced the cafe's stage. people watching at home, when they see the bar, they will see a can of wd-40 sitting on the soundtrack. >> tales of heartache and despair. >> people are not looking for you to fall. >> autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> many of you stayed up late last night to learn the results of the presidential election including this young man from prince george's county. >> who is the president? >> obama! >> he is 20 months old, from fort washington, doing his happy dance. he stayed up with his family until 1:00 in the morning to see if obama would be reelected.
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apparently, he did the happy dance just past midnight before he went to sleep. he finally settled down just before the president's statement. >> i don't know if there was a lot of sleeping going on last night. so cute. >> i think he was the hulk at halloween. >> let's talk about the weather a lot going on. >> we have been very fortunate with everything going on with sandy. now people in staten island, we will show what is going on for us first of all. it is chilly and cold, but what is this? it feels almost like the middle of winter. unfortunately to the north, it looks like the middle of winter. we have gone almost two weeks with the temperature day-by-day below average. the high today only into the
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40's. 11 days in a row below average. the departures right now 39 frederick, hagerstown, even though there are some spots getting some sleet and the rain and this is how it looks on the regional radar, this is a little shot. while that is coming in, and it is a mixture, look what is going on to the north. bridgeport connecticut, new york city, 11 inches of snow. 4 inches of snow, all time record this date in new york city in central park. watch this. this is fairfield conn., the weatherbug time lapse. the snow is coming down, and continues, especially the hudson valley, parts of connecticut 6- 10 inches of snow on top of everything that have suffered and adoredendured.
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still hundreds of thousands of folks still without power, in the dark. the wind chill right now in new york city is 23 degrees. boston, the wind chill is 19. the center of the storm, the circulation. for us it moves off. we were really on the edge with this leftover patch. in the morning, there will be spots in the low 30's, but no freezing or ice. tomorrow afternoon, it will be a gusty wind coming in from the northwest with the cold air continuing. tomorrow afternoon, only in the high 40's, about 50. cold tomorrow night again. after that, the wind changes from the southwest, and by the weekend, much more mild air. not only for us but friends and loved ones in new york city, especially hard hit areas along the jersey coast. the temperatures will rise into
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the 60's, a real break in this pattern, a change of the pattern. the temperatures will be in the mid-60s by the weekend. we have a new blog about sandy and thus nor'easter that has come our way, what is going on in the atmosphere. >> mid-60s? that sounds great. >> for the weekend, and also a big break in new york. >> the maryland basketball team got a lot better today. and was its tried to get their first win of the season on the road in the garden.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> d.c. united soccer, the second leg of the semifinals
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between d.c. united and the new york redpolls was cancelled tonight because of heavy snow in new jersey. they were gone to try to get the game down. the snow caused severe problems on the playing field, impossible to play, the match moved until tomorrow night at 7:30. the wizards in boston to play the celtics, their second time in five days. td garden, bealle 3-ball 83-82 wizards. time running out in regulation. lane was open, so he took it 88-88, over time. in the extra frame, the wizard struggled. the celtics get the ball, n rondo and drive home safely,
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the celtics beat the wizards. the wizards are 0-3. the maryland basketball team opens the season friday night against third ranked kentucky. the terps got great news. the n.c.a.a. has approved the waiver of appeal of wells. the ruling makes the transfer swingman eligible for the season. he averaged 10 points, 5 rebounds last season and was named the 1-20 rookie -- a 1-a-10 rookie of the year. >> do i expect us to be good this year, yes, i do ". this this is a chance to be a better team than we would be without him. >> the baseball writers named the 2012 awards semifinalists. bryce harper is a candidate.
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she'll gonzales was named as one of the favorites -- gio gonzale z was named as one of the candidates for the cy young. nhl and the players association, both sides feel they have made progress. maybe, just maybe there will be hockey this season.
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>> reaction to the election, including president obama receiving a second term, as a top trending story on also, the ballot issues in maryland that past and the nor'easter.
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and even hot cocoa and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurigas everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> this picture says it all, new york city, the lower east side dealing with a lot of snow from the nor'easter. the last thing they need. >> those are the areas that were flooded with sandy. we have put together a blog about sandy and this extreme
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nor'easter. it is on the weather site at
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